What is Fat. So?

Fat. So? is a podcast about the joys and sorrows of being fat women in India–heavy on the joy!

When you’re fat you feel so different, because everything about the world (from chairs and clothes to doctors and dating) is designed to tell you that you’re wrong, you don’t belong, it isn’t OK to be in the body you have. 

Ameya and Pallavi discuss being fat—the pain, the joy, the learning, the dark humor and the silver lining. They talk about body image, societal norms, working hard at self love, failing at weight loss, loneliness, food, love and sex! You’ll hear about their journeys to fat liberation and how fatphobia and fat stigma affect us all. Tune in alternate Sunday evenings to hear them talk their way out of the maze into the brave new world of loving yourself.

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