Who are the fatsos?


Cook, cat lady, and always reading—this is how all her bios begin. Ameya has four degrees (because she likes to study yaar, and, no, she’s not telling what where when how), but still can’t make her mind up about her career. She wrote a briefly popular blog about dating in Delhi; she set up the Indian Express podcast network; she used to commission books for Penguin India.
Ameya likes people, food, karaoke and long and rambly conversations about big things and little things. She speaks Spanish fluently and likes nothing more than to throw herself into learning a new language. Talking is her superpower, (along with cuddles—you will be hugged unless you indicate a preference not to be) so it surprises exactly nobody that she’s making a podcast.
You can find her @ameyann on all social networks, though if you’re going to add her on Facebook please explain why.


Fat, female, forty; divorced, non-parent, explorer of the self; business/executive/life vision coach: these are just some parts of Pallavi’s fierce and fantastic current lived experience. She’s fresh out of a 17-year corporate career in HR in regional, APAC and global leadership roles with both multinational and Indian organisations. She studied Economics at Lady Shri Ram College and got an MBA from IIM, Indore.
Her life is about becoming more authentic, truer to who she is at her core, which led her down this path of fat liberation, among other things! She’s excited to share her crazy ride through the Fat. So? podcast and other media. You can find her @pallavi108 (IG), and @pallavinath1979 (Twitter).